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Who are we?

If you've read through our webpage, you have gotten a glimpse of who we are and what we do. When someone asks us about Santa's Little Hackers we answer "Our goal is to make fun accessible for all by providing switch adapted toys to those who need them at the holidays." That's who we are as an organization.

But, who are we - the people behind the organization name? Simply put, we are you.

We are the parents of a medically fragile children who need our full attention, while still holding full time jobs and parenting our sometimes overshadowed other children.

We are speech therapists who work with the very children and adults who benefit from our toys. We know playing with adapted toys leads to communication.

We are moms and dads in the corporate world who run their kids from soccer practice, and school and get dinner on the table, in between closing deals and PTA meetings and volunteering.

We are nurses who hold the balance of precious lives in our hands day and night, and see the worth in giving back to the patients who remind us of why we chose this job.

We are teachers who know how important playing is to learning, and how no matter their ability every child deserves to play.

We are tech industry leaders who have skills that can make the lives of families easier by using our hobby activities for good.

Every day we work, and take care of our kids, and the children and adults in our community. And a few months out of the year we turn all of our focus to making sure we have toys for the children and adults who have come to depend on us to make their holiday season special by providing a toy from Santa that they can actually play with.

We are you. And we could not do what we do without your help.

If you want to be a part of what we do;

Click HERE to sign up to volunteer at our next Santa's Little Hackers Toy Factory Workshoppe.

Click HERE to see how to provide the toys we adapt.

Click HERE to donate towards shipping all the toys around the world. And click HERE to sign up for a toy.

Thank you all for sharing our cause. Thank you for believing in what we do. We know how important it is, this work we do. It's why we started Santa's Little Hackers, and why we work so hard at keeping it going. We know, because we are you.