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Two disparate groups


Santa's Little Hackers engages two distinct demographic groups in different ways.

First, the disability community. Published research and government studies estimate the percentage of U.S. students with disabilities to be 15% of national public school enrollment. Using the data from the National Center for Education Statistics, this brings the demographic scope to over 7.3 million students. Narrowing the demographic to only those individuals who require AAC (augmentative and alternative communication), the U.S demographic is 1.3% of the total U.S. population - over 4.28 million users, children and adults.

This community is impacted by the receipt of the switch-adapted toys and the awareness Santa's Little Hackers brings to other communities about the needs of this demographics. Tens of thousands of people have learned of switch-adapted toys and using computers to communicate because of these efforts.

Second, the "Maker Movement". According to Adweek, "the Maker Movement is the umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers." This diverse group of talented people have untapped desire to use their skills to make a difference in the lives of other people.

This community is impacted by seeing their efforts directly affect those in need. A child will get a toy for the holidays to play with because someone took the care and time to adapt that toy to be accessible.

Because of the generous support of our donors and volunteers, each year we continue to reach a growing number of families across the world with adapted toys and engage hundreds of volunteers with interests in technology, the "Maker Movement", and utilizing their skills to help mankind.


The opportunity to help us change lives.

Our seasonal toy drive provides adapted toys to be used by people of limited physical abilities. These toys allow them to play, interact, find joy and learn.

Join us in impacting our world



We are seeking companies to participate in our events as Event Sponsors. We offer significant marketing opportunities in the pre-event, event, and post-event stages of the cycle. This provides a unique opportunity for you or your company to market directly toward technically minded makers and display your commitment to the special needs and disability community. Our sponsorship levels start at $500.00.  Any donation $500 or more will be considered. 

As one of our sponsors, you or your company will enjoy coverage throughout the Santa's Little Hackers season including: online promotion via website and all social media channels, printing on the banner for the supported event, sponsorship announcements at any media interviews before the event, and prominent announcements during the event.

Our website and social media traffic can anticipate >25,000 unique views, >300 in-person contacts at our events and >1,000 in-person contacts from the children who will receive the toys.

As a nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 determination, we will provide a donation letter and certificate of appreciation to sponsors for their records.


Toy Sponsors provide the foundational element Santa’s Little Hackers needs to help toys reach the toy recipients - TOYS! We provide a very simple calculation for you to understand how far your investment will go to reach the children and adults receiving the toys.


Without tools and supplies to complete the toys, the toys remain unadapted. As we enter our 10th year of Santa's Little Hackers, we have needed to replace and replenish our tools. We have adapted thousands of toys with our tools! This investment spans events and even spans seasons. In our tenth year, we are still using tools purchased from the first year. This is an opportunity to have a lasting impact.


The toys don’t reach the recipients via Santa’s sleigh. They must be packed in boxes, stored, and shipped via normal commercial shipping services. We must have space to store our toys and supplies throughout the year. Additionally, shipping costs consistently rank as one of the biggest expenses without the excitement of purchasing toys. This is an opportunity to be the gears behind the factory to help make the toy drive as success.


Experts in different fields have come alongside Santa’s Little Hackers and MaxMods to offer what they do best. Legal support, graphic design, event planning, event food donations, administrative support are examples of how individuals and companies have helped so far. We have outstanding needs for accounting, marketing, database design, electronics design and development, and plastics design and development (injection molding).


Making fun accessible for all.

Santa's Little Hackers is the seasonal toy drive that provides switch-adapted toys to children and adults living with disabilities.

10 years of Santa's Little Hackers = 10,000 toys and devices!


With your help, we have supplied thousands of adapted toys and accessible switches to children and adults living with disabilities around the globe. This year we will hit the mark of providing over 10,000 toys and Banana Pie Accessible switches by MaxMods in the course of our 10 years in service. 

Our mission continues to reach people all over the world each year and we are able to make FUN Accessible to ALL because of the support of our donors. 


Making the world accessible for all.

Santa's Little Hackers is a annual event put on by MaxMods. MaxMods is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation chartered to 'make the world accessible for all' by identifying adaptations and modifications to make our world work for individuals living with disabilities. MaxMods was founded as a corporation in 2014 in Colorado and achieved 501(c)3 designation the same year.

MaxMods operates 100% on volunteer efforts and donations. 

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