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What to expect at the Toy Making Workshoppe?

On Saturday, December 5, we will hold our Second Annual Santa's Little Hackers Toy Making Workshoppe. This is an event for us to come together and make toys for the kids and adults who will be receiving a switch adapted toy. We will come together as a group with a variety of abilities and work together to make a very challenging task happen. We need to make at least 300 switch adapted toys in 4 hours. This will require a very organized and disciplined factory automation line to complete the task. Think "toy making factory line" At our first annual event, we did not need to complete as many toys. We were able to have a more casual pace and training feel to the event. Upon arrival, participant

Doing what we can.

We took our first batch of toys to the post office this afternoon. I was so excited to get those first toys off to their new friends. They were made with care, and happiness. We knew the names of the children who were getting them, and thanks to their parents, we knew a bit of their stories. Their stories are all different, but in the end all the same. They just want to play. Giving everyone the chance to have a toy to play with this time of year is our goal. As a parent of a child with special needs, I have spent many Christmas mornings playing with my son Max's toys for him. We would play, hoping to see him get some joy out of them, but mostly our efforts fell short. Here's a little

Video - How do these toys work?

Hi, We're Santa's Little Hackers and we're a Colorado based nonprofit who believes every person in the world deserves to play with a toy. Meet Max, he's a pretty cool 12 year old boy who loves to joke around and make people laugh. Here he's trying to play with a fart blaster, but unfortunately this toy was not made for kids with special needs in mind. Last year Santa's Little Hackers adapted this same fart blaster for Max, so he could enjoy the toy with the abilities he had. What a difference a small adaptation makes! Santa's Little Hackers - Because every person, no matter their age ability, deserves to have fun.


Imagine you are 7 years old. Imagine being 7 years old, and wanting to play with the toy in front of you, but your muscles just can’t coordinate well enough to do it. Even if your muscles worked a little better, the buttons are hard to push and you just couldn’t quite get it to work. So, you sit there, and look at the toy, and maybe imagine how fun it would be if you could just get it to work, and play with your brothers and sister. And instead you watch them play with it for you, and you can laugh along. When my daughter Cici was 11 months old, she choked on a piece of fruit while eating dinner, and suffered a severe anoxic brain injury. When we brought her home from the hospital 6 wee

A twelve year story

My son Max turned 12 this weekend. As with every birthday, it triggers a lot of memories and reflection on where we started, and where we are today. The day after his birthday, we launched our second annual Santa's Little Hackers event. This has also made me stop and reflect on where we started just a year ago; in the moments I'm not sitting with my mouth open in shock at the number of applicants pouring in! We started Santa's Little Hackers after making some switch adapted toys for Max's birthday last year. We shared them with his speech therapist and after agreeing all around how this would be something we could do for local kids and give them away for the holidays, Santa's Little Hacker

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