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It's too early!

"It's too early!!" We've heard that many times.

"Summer isn't even over, why are we talking about the holidays?"

"Let me have Halloween and Thanksgiving before talking about Santa!"

We get it. Really, we know how annoying it is. We are very much 'a time for every season' type of people around our house. Our son's birthday is Halloween and we LOVE celebrating it. We joke we have more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations.

We love Thanksgiving and how it is the only holiday set aside to just be thankful for all the wonderful things in life. There are no presents; just food, family and friends.

But, we also run this non-profit that happens to be ALL ABOUT SANTA!!! So, we have Santa and on the mind nearly all year long!

We only took a couple of months off after Christmas last year before starting on planning for this year's Santa's Little Hackers event. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to prepare for our big event. Adding more events this year has multiplied that effort. We will be providing more toys this year than we ever have before.

"We have to start early because we're providing

more toys this year than ever before."

We understand what it is like for the families of our toy recipients to wait on the things they request for their kids. When we need a piece of equipment for our son, or a speech device, or approval for a new medicine we sometimes wait months to a year for approval from insurance for funding to come through. So when our families are able to sign up for a toy, and their child gets it in time for Christmas morning, it's a really rare and special thing.

You see, we start asking so early for your help because we want to provide that rare and special moment to our toy recipients. We can not go to a big box store and buy toys for our loved ones. When you can find them online, a request is submitted, which is nearly always denied by insurance -- because "playing" is not medically necessary in the eyes of insurance providers.

If you will, indulge us in our early requests. While we're ready for cooler weather, and pumpkins, we're not trying to rush the holidays. We need to get the word out early in hopes that we will get the right amount of sponsorship, volunteers, and toys bought in time for every child who needs an accessible toy for the holidays gets one. We can do it, and you can help. Help us get the word out. We need sponsors, volunteers, and toys!

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